Registration is OPEN for the August 28, 2021 Street Festival.

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Artist Benefits

This event is geared towards helping the promotion of local artists. In showcasing the selected talent, Walk The Beat also provides awareness for people who may need to hire a band for concerts, weddings, entertainment, open houses and special events of any kind.

The following is a list of benefits each participating artist will receive:

  • $50 per individual (up to $250 per band).
  • Opportunity to sell their merchandise during the event. We take no percentage.
  • A Walk the Beat VIP Party which will be held immediately after the event and is exclusive to artists, sponsors, venues, and volunteers.
  • Entry for all door prizes (estimated value of $2,000).
  • Opportunity to perform in front of thousands of guests.

Walk The Beat provides the locations, advertising, audience prizes and power for all artists. All artists MUST BRING THEIR OWN PA.

This is a street festival. Due to our limited budget, we can’t put every band or singer/songwriter on a stage. Check out our cool bands from the 2019 Street Festival, below!

Here’s the list of artists from the 2019 Walk The Beat Albion street festival and the venues they played. We anticipate a similar set of venues for 2021. Thanks so much to all of these bands! We are grateful!