Before 11 a.m.    

Our Lead Volunteers (we call them Leads), will deliver tables and anything else needed to your location.  These will be set up according to the Location Maps available on the website.  If the layout shown doesn’t work for you, please email, call, or text Cliff Harris.  Be sure the layout works for your purposes, and that your Door Prize will be prominently displayed.  (In the days following the event, we’ll publish the Door Prize winners, contact them, and then they will return to collect the prize.  This maximizes the promotional value of your door prize for your Venue. Please remember to get and share photos of your winners.)

11 a.m. – 12 p.m.      

Bands should arrive and begin to set up.  Venues need only provide bands an extension cord.  IF IT RAINS THE EVENT WILL CONTINUE.  Venues will need to decide with the bands input about whether to setup inside or outside.  The bands usually will be conservative because they won’t want their equipment to be ruined by rain.  If the music is too loud for indoors, just ask them to turn it down, or not to play at all.  Bands that show up and are willing to play get paid, even if the weather prevents it.

12 p.m.

Table Volunteers arrive to your location.  These folks are responsible for selling Raffle Tickets, distributing Door Prize entry slips, distributing WTB Event Maps, and answering questions about the event.  They are also a link from venues and bands to our support staff in case there are any problems.

1 p.m.

The event begins.  Each musical act will alternate playing 1-hour sets from 1-5pm.  Typically, the solo/duo acts start at 1 and 3, with bands at 2 and 4.  Other mutually agreeable schedules are fine.  Venues: feel free to give them a “plug sheet” for things you would like them to advertise during the sets.  They should be short and sweet, to get people interested in your products or services.  Musicians know that your sponsorship makes their gig possible, so they’ll be glad to help.

1 – 5 p.m.  

Venues:  Promote your business or organization. We recommend promotions or informational handouts.  If there are any problems during this time, you can call our Leads.  We have a great set of problem-solvers ready to be there at a moment’s notice.  They will be walking around and checking in with you, too, as the event continues. 

Bands:  play your hearts out.  You are the core of this event, and we wish all of you could win our awesome Best Band Prize.  ONE BAND WILL.  It might as well be you.  You will be provided with a sign with your band name and the number fans need to text-vote for you.  Make sure that your sign is displayed while you are playing.  Bands are also free to hand out information and sell merchandise during the shows.  Please work with the Venues to coordinate locations. The idea is for the two bands to play equal time in alternating sets.  If one band or act wants to give up some time, they are welcome to say so; otherwise we assume each wants equal time.

5 p.m.

Volunteers collect their materials, especially the Raffle Ticket Bags and the Door Prize Buckets, and head to Gina’s Pizza and Deli (301 N Clinton St, ) for the WTB Albion After Party.  Leads begin collecting tables, tents and Door Prizes. Musicians store their gear, roll their cords, and are invited (but obviously not required) to join us at the After Party.  All of our equipment should be gone by 6pm at the latest.  Volunteers and musicians are admitted free, and we will have pizza and a drink waiting for you.

6 p.m.

The After Party, Gina’s Pizza and Deli, 301 N. Clinton Street.

  • Thank You to all Sponsors, Venues, Musicians and Volunteer
  • Announcement of the Best Band winner
  • A short set by the just announced Best Band (if possible)
  • A short jam just for fun
  • Note: Announcement of the $3,000 Raffle Grand Prize winner will be Saturday, 9/21, 7-8pm, at the Bohm Theater during Festival of the Forks!

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